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To manage and develop a local community centre – providing facilities and activities to support the local community. Operating in Cambridgeshire.

Charitable Objectives…
To provide the residents of Cottenham and the neighbourhood, without distinction of age, sex, sexual orientation, race or political, religious or other common opinions with a centre and focus where all can meet and where facilities in the interests of community welfare and for recreational and educational leisure-time occupation are available with the objective of enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Contacts and Trustees…

Sue Bainbridge
Alex Collier (Parish Council Nominee)
Sue Cox
Andrew Fell
Peter Giddens
Sue Gymer (Chair)
Richard Gymer
Pete Morris
Rev Simon Oliver
Steven Poole (Treasurer)
Ralph Rickards
Mike Smith
Kate Watkins (Secretary)
Ray Wynn (Methodist Circuit Nominee)

Registration Date: 17th March 2009

Financial Performance…

For 2015 was presented to members at the AGM held on 28th April 2016: Treasurer’s Report 2015, 2015 Accounts.

For 2014 was presented to members at the AGM held on 12th March 2015: Treasurer’s Report 2014, 2014 Accounts.

For 2013 was presented to members at the AGM held on 6th February 2014: Treasurer’s Report 2013, Treasurer’s Overview 2013, 2013 Accounts.

For 2012 was presented to members at the AGM held on 21st February 2013: Treasurer’s Report 2012, 2012 Accounts.

Full details and financial information can be found at Charity Commission website.
Full details of the constitution can be found by clicking here.

We have a number of policies which we believe may be of interest to the public. These policies are: Child and vulnerable adult protection, Health and safety, Equal opportunities and WiFi usage.