African Art Auction – 6/10

Local artist Abigail Prince has put a collection of work together to auction to raise money for a water tank at Naarlarami School . Cottenham Community Centre will be hosting this event next week on Saturday the 6th October from 6-8pm. We look forward to seeing you and appreciate all your support.

Naarlarami is a school founded almost 15 years ago in Tanzania. There are currently 200+ Masai children attending from surrounding villages. They travel up to 2 hours a day to reach the school in order to get some kind of education, as well as a decent meal that the school provides each day. Like a lot of rural villages aroudn Africa, Naalamari is struggling to provide enough water (not enough by our standards) for the children and staff that make up the school. In order to give every child and member of Staff two cups of water every day for a year there need to be 20 water tanks around the school. At the moment there are only four so your support is desperately needed.