Toning Toning Ante Natal Class

A unique ante-natal class that supports fitness, muscular strength, good posture and balance during pregnancy, and helps you prepare for a positive birth experience. Regular attendance at these classes will:

  • Support core strength and pelvic floor tone, which will help you get back in shape more quickly after the birth
  • Strengthen  muscles to assist with a natural labour
  • Improve posture and muscular balance, thus reducing backache
  • Encourage effective breathing both for labour and every-day life
  • Offer relaxation and stress management techniques to be utilised in labour and post-natally
  • Give support and guidance in body confidence at this special time

The classes will take place at Cottenham Community Centre, High Street, Cottenham Tuesdays : 7:00pm-8:00pm.

The first class is free, then pay as you go £6 per class, or book a course of 8 for  £45 or 10 for £54.

CONTACT: Debbie Prince: Ante and post natal specialist – initial contact essential – /    07854170540.

There may be times when the class does not run, so please always check to confirm.

It is also possible to accommodate post natal mums (six weeks after delivery, or 10 if Caesarean), where the priority is to regain core, postural and muscular strength and alignment following the birth. Babies welcome! Please ask if this would be of interest to you.